Working on improvements of Porsche Panamera

In Berlin the Porsche company has held premiere of the second generation of inconsistent Panamera. In Porsche the model and is called. For its difficult character for which it was so fallen in love to public: the descendant of the glorified sport cars which more than once have proved the superiority on track with genes of the aristocrat who has got used to choose only all best. Panamera as if has also not changed, but at the same time it became another. Absolutely.


We believe, it is the best of all Michael Mauer, the chief designer of Porsche AG has told about new Porsche Panamera. Capaciously and precisely, as true German: “Its strengths are strengthened, weak – are eliminated, but the most important – character is kept”. In other words, the company has carried out scrupulous work on “mistakes”.


According to Oliver Blum, chairman of the board of Porsche AG, “new model has been developed completely again-it has received new engines, new design, new technologies”. And here It is necessary to tell at once that Panamera – the first model of concern on the MSB platform which will form Continental following basis from Bentley.

Creators of the second generation wanted to approach as much as possible new Panamera to iconic model of brand – Porsche 911. The image was tried to be made extremely dynamic for what some decisions have been used.

First, increase in wheel base to 2 950 mm (+30 mm in comparison with last generation), and respectively and overall length to 5 009 mm (+34 mm).

Secondly, the front axle has been displaced closer to front part that has added to precipitancy profile.

Thirdly, to Porsche have gone to the conscious victim for the sake of “cardinal change of perception of the car” – the line of roof has received more abrupt inclination that has reduced height over rear seats approximately by 20 mm: ask not to worry, as places still in prosperity. Thanks to bigger size Panamer looks way more in to sports.

Width of the car has grown by 6 mm – to 1 937 mm. “Only 6 millimeters, but they are felt as some centimeters” – have declared in the company. In many respects the effect is reached thanks to horizontal level in grid of air inlet and to the integrated lamps which became much more already, than at the predecessor. In Porsche say that the rear of new Panamera gives even more grounds to call the car not sedan, but four-door compartment.

The interior of new Porsche Panamera differs from salon of the predecessor cardinally. It became more free because has got rid of physical command keys systems of the car by which in literal sense the floor tunnel has been paved. The instrument panel is provided by two seven-inch screens between which the analog tachometer was located. The central place is allocated for touchscreen of Porsche Communication Management (PCM) of new generation by diagonal 12.3 inches with the built-in navigation and the services Porsche Connect. The multimedia supports synchronization with the smartphone under the Apple CarPlay protocol and has function of voice-activated control.


As options for Panamera of new generation offer seats with massage function, panoramic roof, four-zonal climate control, atmospheric illumination, the premium class audio system from Burmester.

Now about motor gamma. The most powerful petrol version – Porsche Panamera Turbo – is completed four-liter 550-strong V8 с the maximum torsion torque of 770 Nanometers. Power and traction indicators of “eight” have grown by 30 h.p. and 70 Nanometers respectively. To 100 km/h the four-door compartment spends for dispersal 3.8 seconds, with Sport Chrono package – 3.6 seconds. Maximum speed – 306 km/h. Serially the model is equipped with system of all-wheel drive, and here it constant full, but not connected, as earlier, and eight-step “robot” with two couplings.

Fuel usage at new Panamera is 1.1 liters less, than at the car of the first generation, and it makes about 9.3-9.4 liters.

Porsche Panamera 4S is equipped with tvinturbirovanny “six” of 2.9 liters which too became more powerful also tyagovity – 440 h.p. (+20 h.p.) and 550 Nanometers (+30 Nanometers). Dynamics of dispersal – 4.4 seconds in “drain”, 4.2 – with Sport Chrono package. Maximum speed makes 289 km/h.

The declared fuel usage in the mixed cycle – 8.1-8.2 liters.

In motor gamma there was new eight-cylinder diesel engine – most powerful “diesel” which ever was installed on stock cars of brand. Return of the motor makes 422 h.p., and peak torsion torque – 850 Nanometers. It should be noted that this V8 is for the first time offered in combination with all-wheel drive.

To first “one hundred” Panamer disperses in 4.6 seconds, and the Sport Chrono package does result 0.2 seconds faster. Fuel usage in the mixed cycle according to the passport – 6.7-6.8 liters.

In the company have focused attention on one feature of new line of motors for Porsche Panamera – the scheme of arrangement of turbochargers under the name Central Turbo which means that they are established on the center in V-shaped space between ranks of cylinders with the minimum distance among themselves and combustion tubes that allows to lower the center of gravity and to provide the best response.

Optionally for new Porsche of Panamer the movement mode switch with the Sport Response button is offered: the rotary ring on wheel serves for choice of one of four modes of the movement (Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual); in the center of the switch there is Sport Response button, when pressing on which all potential of model is activated.

New Porsche Panamera is equipped with the adaptive pneumosuspender with new three-chambered technology and electronic system of adjustment of shock-absorbers, the anti-roll function, new electromechanical management; the stabilization system of the movement and system of vectorization of torsion torque, braking mechanisms have been improved. Panamera has received new control system of back wheels (the full-managed chassis) – similar 918 Spyder and 911 Turbo are equipped.

The system of night vision distinguishing people and large animals in the dark and warning about object symbol on the instrument panel became one of the innovation assistants to the driver. The Porsche InnoDrive system with adaptive cruise control will help to make trip more simply: she calculates parameters of dispersal and braking, optimum throughout the following three kilometers, considers optimum transfer and possibility of coasting. Necessary values are exposed on the basis of the given navigation system, evidences of radar and video camera. Also optional matrix LED headlights with 84 elements in everyone are available to model.

Porsche Panamera became another, despite external similarity with the predecessor. It became more sports, in it ancestral spirits, successfully speaking at the races Carrera Panamericana have started talking. From the moment of exit in 2009 of the first generation more than 150 000 copies of model have been sold. It is good indicator for the car of such price category. On the first impressions new Panamera has not disappointed unless the fact of “adjustment fire” of the car on the Nurnburgring where even the softest car can become similar on smoothness of the course on tarantass frightens.