jeep with neoprene seats

Major Advantages Of Neoprene Seat Covers

Neoprene seat covers are not just another useless product for your car. It makes sense in if we are talking about protection and keeping your seats and truck interior clean and shiny. If you never heard about neoprene you should know that this material is known as the most stable chemical ingredient to use. Most common uses of neoprene is in diving industry as most of the wet-suits divers use to explore deep waters are made from neoprene. It’s capable to withstand a lot of pressure in deep waters so divers can be safe and explore the depth without worrying about any other things, this is how good neoprene is. That is why people started to look for the best and use to protect seats, they are way more durable than standard seat covers and are widely used in cars today.


I bet you have seen cars that looks really beautiful and one thing that caches your attention is the seats, they have bright colors that sometimes match the color of the car and looks stylish. The point is that there are hundreds of different styles and types of neoprene seat covers available. Custom made is the best choice so before buying a set you should see if they are custom made for your car or universal. That’s very important because it will affect how they look a lot.

Major benefits of Neoprene seat covers

Non-sensitive to high temperatures – we all know that when weather temperature raises to over 100 degrees the feel inside of the car is up to 50% higher and can reach even 150. Many leather interior cars have this strange feeling during such circumstances that you are inside of an oven – that’s the feeling you get by sitting down in your car. This makes air conditioning systems to go out of mind and neoprene is way better if you are experiencing such conditions often.

Wonderful insulation – the chemic material used in neoprene seat covers are praised for that as it helps to keep cooler environment in the summer and gets warmer during winter time. This helps to enchase the work of your vehicles heating and air conditioning systems and of course natural seat material gets the best protection.

High protection – it is easy to clean neoprene and of course if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Tracking dirt can be pain in the ass sometimes, and having a set of neoprene covers on your car will save you from all that wuss, you will be able to handle it all with ease.
Softens shock – don’t forget that adding one more layer between your butt and original seat will always help to absorb shock. Neoprene is used in producing special items to absorb shock so seat covers will soften bumps even more.

It’s a headache to pick what’s right for you, but you should always know that none of the seat covers are created equally so picking neoprene or other material is up to you, just keep in mind all of the aspects mentioned above before making your decision on seat covers.